The Witcher Season 3: Unraveling the Mystery of the Main Villain


The Witcher, a popular fantasy series, has captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and complex characters. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Season 3, speculation about the main villain has been the talk of the town. This article delves into the clues and theories surrounding the main antagonist, examining the possibilities of Vilgefortz and Tissaia being the real “big bad.”

1. Setting the Stage: The World of The Witcher

The Witcher is set in a world where humans, monsters, and sorcery coexist. Geralt of Rivia, the main protagonist, is a skilled monster hunter known as a Witcher. Throughout the series, Geralt faces various adversaries, both supernatural and human.

2. Vilgefortz: A Master Manipulator?

Vilgefortz, a powerful sorcerer, has been a prominent character in The Witcher series. Known for his intelligence and cunning, Vilgefortz has the potential to be a formidable main villain. His manipulative nature and hidden agendas make him a compelling candidate for the role.

3. Tissaia: The Unexpected Turn?

Tissaia de Vries, a skilled sorceress and mentor to Yennefer, has also garnered attention as a possible main villain. While initially portrayed as a mentor figure, Tissaia’s complex personality and past actions raise questions about her true motivations. Her potential transformation into a formidable antagonist would provide a surprising twist for viewers.

4. Clues and Foreshadowing in the Show

The Witcher series has a knack for dropping subtle hints and foreshadowing future plot developments. Throughout the previous seasons, there have been instances where both Vilgefortz and Tissaia exhibit questionable behaviour or show glimpses of their darker sides. These moments have fueled fan speculation about their potential as the main villain.

5. The Witcher’s Tradition of Twist Villains

The Witcher series is known for its intricate storytelling and unpredictable plot twists. Previous seasons have featured unexpected reveals and nuanced villains, subverting audience expectations. It is within this tradition that the main villain of Season 3 may emerge, surprising viewers and adding depth to the narrative.

6. Fan Theories and Speculation

Fans have passionately debated the true identity of the main villain in Season 3 of The Witcher. Various theories suggest different paths for Vilgefortz and Tissaia, with some even proposing the possibility of an alliance between them. These theories showcase the engagement and excitement of the fanbase.

7. The Impact of the Main Villain

The reveal of the main villain in The Witcher Season 3 will have significant implications for the story and its characters. It will drive the narrative, create conflicts, and test the limits of our beloved heroes. The complexity and depth of the main villain will determine the challenges that Geralt and his companions must overcome.


As anticipation builds for The Witcher Season 3, the mystery surrounding the main villain intensifies. Vilgefortz and Tissaia emerge as strong contenders, each possessing the potential to become the “big bad” of the season. The intricate storytelling, foreshadowing, and fan theories surrounding their characters add layers of excitement to the upcoming instalment. Only time will tell which path the series creators have chosen and how it will impact the world of The Witcher.


1. Is the main villain of The Witcher Season 3 confirmed?

No, the identity of the main villain in The Witcher Season 3 has not been officially confirmed. It remains a subject of speculation and fan theories.

2. Can there be multiple main villains in Season 3?

While it’s possible to have multiple antagonists, traditionally, The Witcher series focuses on a singular main villain. However, unexpected plot developments may bring forth surprising alliances or twists.

3. Will Geralt face other adversaries besides the main villain?

Yes, Geralt will encounter various adversaries throughout Season 3. The Witcher series is known for its richly woven plotlines and diverse range of challenges for the protagonist.

4. Are there other characters who could potentially become villains in Season 3?

Yes, The Witcher Universe is filled with complex characters, and any of them could potentially evolve into adversaries. However, the focus remains on Vilgefortz and Tissaia as the prime contenders for the main villain role.

5. When will The Witcher Season 3 be released?

As of now, an official release date for The Witcher Season 3 has not been announced. Fans eagerly await updates from the show’s creators and production team.


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